The Safe Place

When she had to recreate her life she did a “smash and grab” in Dunhelm Mills. She bought new pillows, a duvet, sheets, towels – everything from her old life that had touched her skin had to be replaced.

It was only when she had put her new room together that she realised what she had done.

The yellow duvet cover, the sheepskin rug which she had grabbed off a rail without thinking. She had recreated her childhood bedroom. She had sub-consciously tried to recreate a place where she had felt safe.

She shared her childhood bedroom with her sister. They each had their own space. Their dad bought cupboards and drawers from MFI and spent hours staining them two-tone. Their mattresses were on top of the chest of drawers and they had a wardrobe, desk and reading light each. Their mum hung a huge curtain down the middle of the room so they had privacy. They were safe and loved.

And that is the space she tried to recreate when the rest of her world fell in.

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