Feet Speak

We are what you might call the determined type of feet. We march her into trouble, we hold her up when she quakes, very occasionally we can’t take the strain and she falls, but we always get going again after a little rest.

We are crucial to her grounding. We like best of all to be standing on dewy grass, soaking up the greenness and freshness, and letting the strain drain down into the earth. We also love big, comfy socks and our guilty secret is a hankering for the bedsocks that Aunty Win used to knit so well.

We have, over the years, developed a thick skin and are no longer offended or hurt by words such as “bunions”. We have become proud of our lumpiness because we have been to all sorts of bad places but always come out the other side through grim determination.

Our biggest claim to fame is that we stood on the wings of an aeroplane whilst it flew, and walked over hot coals THREE TIMES! We are pretty amazing feet really, and we go well with the hands that karate chopped wood, and the voice which bent steel. But that’s another story.

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