That Woman (And So Much More)

I’m not that woman anymore,
that crumpled heap on Man A’s floor,
whose flowers and leaves and very roots
he trampled with those walking boots.

I’m not that woman anymore,
who stood so firmly at the door,
and unspun all of Man B’s lies
which tumbled from his lips and eyes.

I’m not that woman anymore,
who walked so sadly on the shore,
trying to make some sense of life,
why would a man so treat his wife?

I’m not that woman, not at all,
just see me standing oh so tall,
and listen to the song I sing,
of life and love and wing-walking!

I’m not that woman anymore,
not at their door, nor on their floor,
I’m nowhere where they know to go,
I’m home safe now, it’s time to grow.

I’m not that woman anymore.
I’m so much more, yes so much more.

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