Any Old Gold

Have been having a bit of fun experimenting with melting down gold.

Stage 1 was to melt an old wedding ring down into a teardrop pendant.

Stage 2 is the pic above, the shank of a half-eternity ring which I melted into a blob to make the centre of a silver flower, then soldered the two pieces together and strung them onto a bracelet of rice pearls.

Stage 3 is in progress on the workbench – a more complicated design with 3 flowers, all with silver petals and gold centres, which will then be strung onto a bracelet.

Stage 4 is to flush set stones (eg diamonds, emeralds, sapphires) into suitable designs for earrings, pendants and bracelets, in order to upcycle engagement rings, using both the gold and the stones.

Stage 5 is to do this for other people who have jewellery that they don’t wish to sell but don’t want to wear any more.



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