This New Life

Do you ever feel, “there must be more to life than this”? I remember that feeling so well. Seven years ago I decided to take a risk and drastically change the course of my life. It hasn’t been plain sailing. However, here are some of the things that I have done since then which I wouldn’t have done otherwise:

1. Written poetry.
2. Ridden a horse.
3. Had piano lessons.
4. Done life drawing.
5. Exhibited.
6. Self-published 3 books.
7. Built websites entirely on my own.
8. Run a business entirely on my own.
9. Been a columnist for a national publication.
10. Attended writing workshops.
11. Learnt silversmithing.
12. Designed, and sold, jewellery.
13. Learnt to paint.
14. Moved back to my roots.
15. Cared for my dog on my own.
16. Discovered acupuncture.
17. Learnt about psychology, spirituality, and current brain research.
18. “Attended” webinars on subjects that interest me.
19. Read, read, read.
20. Had a tattoo.
21. Been on a retreat.
22. Been on holiday on my own.
23. Performed my poetry in front of paying audiences.
24. Done speaker training.
25. Travelled all over Europe.
26. Invested my money.
27. Learnt to meditate.
28. Been hypnotised.
29. Become a carer.
30. Done a TV interview.
31. Met and lobbied MPs.
32. Been “talent spotted”.
33. Been a volunteer.
34. Been a fundraiser and raised more than £17,000.
35. Done a wingwalk.
36. Done an abseil.
37. Walked hot coals.
38. Karate chopped wood.
39. Bent steel with my throat.
40. Blogged, blogged, blogged.
41. Opened a concert.
42. Opened an art exhibition.
42. Been an inspirational speaker at a conference.
43. Spoken about women’s rights on a stage in the middle of a shopping centre.
44. Bought my little sports car.
45. Driven in France on the wrong side of the road (or the right side).
46. Lived on my own.
47. Run a poetry workshop.
48. Entered, and won, poetry competitions.
49. Been on holiday with my brother.
50. Written this list.

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