Here in Heaven

What surprised her, once she finally got there, was how well suicides were treated.

None of this “coward’s way out” that you hear back on earth. Not even “she must have been so brave”. No, the attitude in heaven was quite different.

Here she was greeted with compassion and kindness. The suicides had the best room, with the softest, whitest pillows and the most beautiful views over the heavenly landscape.

It had all come as such a blessed relief that she hadn’t been able to hold back the tears. And as they flowed down to earth, creating a waterfall of cleansing purity, she found that at last she was free of the pain which she had thought would be hers for infinity.

Here in heaven we have an enlightened approach which has served us since time immemorial. There is no sin associated with the suicides. No guilt or shame tagged onto their name. We see them as very special, because they are the ones who were so failed on earth that their only resort was to force their way here rather than waiting for the train. And so when they arrive we treat them with every kindliness, every goodliness, within our power. And our power is great, and all encompassing, and so finally they find not only peace but comfort and joy too. It is the least we can do, and so we do it. And we will continue to do it as long as it is needed. Sadly, it is likely to be a very long time.

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