Mirror therapy

I want to share a magic trick with you. It is called Mirror Therapy and I learnt it a few years ago when I was reading up on developing self-esteem. It goes like this…

Make sure that you are in the house on your own. Stand in front of a full length mirror without your clothes on. Look at every part of your body and hear every bad thing that has ever been said about it. Don’t push the thoughts away, just listen.

Then run yourself the biggest, most luxurious bath you can imagine. Mine was surrounded by candles and filled with bubble bath almost to the top. Lie in the bath, let the heat sink in and then, starting with your feet, thank every part of your body for the good things it has done for you. Take your time, luxuriate and notice how good it feels to be kind to your body.

Now dry off and go and stand in front of the mirror again. You should now be able to see your body in a new, positive light.

Repeat the process as often as you need until you can see your body without hearing the bad thoughts.

This was a turning point for me in recovery and led to me writing The Stranger in the Mirror. I hope that you find it helpful too.

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