Introducing Lily

I am a woman,
bold and strong,
as honest and loving
as the day is long.

I am a daughter,
I am ‘number three’,
I love all my family
and they all love me.

I am an aunty,
I’ll never be ‘mum’,
but that’s how it goes
when all’s said and done.

I am a friend,
honest and true,
if you respect me
then I’ll respect you.

I was a wife,
but that’s in the past,
my romance flag’s definitely
flying half-mast!

I am creative,
it helps me to mend,
I’m on a good journey,
I don’t want it to end.

I am just Lily
and I like being me,
I was lost for a long time
so it’s special you see.

Welcome to my world!

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